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I am God of Small Things

I can’t stop thinking about going for a bag packing trip in India.. I want to go badly..

Thailand would be a different experience too..

Hmm.. I can’t make my mind.. Ah shit.. When should I go?

Arghh.. I can’t make my mind.. Forget it..


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I have to say it..

Only don’t tell me you’re innocent. Because it insults my intelligence and makes me very angry.

– Godfather-

.. that I just fucking hate liars.

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Was away in Bukit Serok, some orang asli settlement for a class project.. err 2 weeks ago i guess. Yeah, I wanted to blog bout it.. no time. Got busy, got fucked. It was a nice trip though. Crammed up bus (there was a moment we survived without air-cond for around 30 minutes.. sweaty and shitty), played cards in the bus and won some money, got stoned for 2 days (had too, was without alcohol stock) and dead tired with the activities. Quite amusing (and saddening too) to find out there were a whole class Standard 5 kids who only knew from A-E. Don’t blame the kids. Wonder what the crack nut teachers teaches there.


Been too busy with my Final Year Project ever since I came back. Tests, due dates and assignments killing me. Was supposed to hand in the Draft Report last Friday, but managed to extend it to next week.. which I guess is tom.. Sigh..


Turned 1 year older 2 days ago. Got a watch as my gift. Going to start wearing watch again (last i wore when i was 14 i guess?) Ended up drinking in bangsar on Thursday night.


I think I’m goinna shave bald again.. Next week. Hmm.. wanna get a new tattoo too.

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