Was away in Bukit Serok, some orang asli settlement for a class project.. err 2 weeks ago i guess. Yeah, I wanted to blog bout it.. no time. Got busy, got fucked. It was a nice trip though. Crammed up bus (there was a moment we survived without air-cond for around 30 minutes.. sweaty and shitty), played cards in the bus and won some money, got stoned for 2 days (had too, was without alcohol stock) and dead tired with the activities. Quite amusing (and saddening too) to find out there were a whole class Standard 5 kids who only knew from A-E. Don’t blame the kids. Wonder what the crack nut teachers teaches there.


Been too busy with my Final Year Project ever since I came back. Tests, due dates and assignments killing me. Was supposed to hand in the Draft Report last Friday, but managed to extend it to next week.. which I guess is tom.. Sigh..


Turned 1 year older 2 days ago. Got a watch as my gift. Going to start wearing watch again (last i wore when i was 14 i guess?) Ended up drinking in bangsar on Thursday night.


I think I’m goinna shave bald again.. Next week. Hmm.. wanna get a new tattoo too.


  1. hallajs said

    Looks like you’re having fun. Cant blame now now can I? But yeah.. feel bad about those kids. Teachers are paid to do their job.. did they do their job? Tell me.. who to blame on this situation? Grr..

  2. 0rga said

    The part I had fun was mingling with the kids and stuff. These kids are smart. Some of them know their multiplication table well when u ask them.. but when u ask them to do simple division on the paper.. they dont know how to do it. That’s simply clear it’s the teachers fault.. because when we taught them.. they could do it after that.

    The shitty part was, we were told about the A-E thingy by their penolong kanan.. He smiled and told that like it’s something to be proud of.

    Can’t blame their parents because they are un-educated themselves.

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