HITBSecConf 2007 Over..

HackInTheBox Security Conference 2007 is finally over.

Setup day was kinda tiring day. Didn’t sleep for the whole night until the next day. It started late just because of stupid Hilton. Smelly Prabu didnt even shower for the whole bloody day. He’s a pig anyway so it ok.

The amount of attendees this year were more than last year. Even participation from XX chromosome looked higher this year and some of them were of good genetics too. ๐Ÿ˜›

The Lock Picking Village was cool. They were selling the lock picking tools for RM 150 for the whole set. Didn’t get one though. Wasted.

The auction like usual was fun and was hosted by Roberto Preatoni from zone-h. His t-shirt and jeans got auctioned too and he was in his underwear and socks. Oh yeah.. his underwear got auctioned too actually but he was wearing 2 anyways ๐Ÿ˜› Even one of the ScanIT promo gal Amellia a.k.a chopstick got auctioned. Highest bidder would have chance to have breakfast with her the next morning.

The post conference party was cool. Booze! Everyone got thrown in the pool and no one was spared. Got wasted. Totally. Didn’t end up sleeping though but kept talking and chilling at the hotel’s lobby with some till up to 4am something.

Capture The Flag winners were SaoVang, WsLabi and Padocon respectively. Check the write up here.

Overall, it was tiring but great and totally awesome!! Looking forward for HITBSecConf 2008. Might be attending Bellua Cyber Security Conference 2007 in Jakarta if everything goes well and as planned, which would be from 30-31st October 2007.

*Back to hibernate mode*


  • The photos are up!
  • Check the conference materials here.
  • Also other blogs related to it and media coverage of it here.


  1. hallajs said

    Sounds kinda fun. Too bad I’m not really into it ._.

  2. 0rga said

    Should have been there dude.. Lotsa things to learn and lotsa fun too. Make sure be there next year.. Use your freaking companies’ allocation la..

  3. […] Hacking Conference review , like HITB’07 (Malaysia) can be read on Raffy’s blog and 0rga’s blog. featured Miscs security conferencesBookmark to: If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe […]

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